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4 years old
Lomnice and Popelkou, Czech Republic

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Little about Uran Grey Archibald.

This dog is breed in Czech Republic. He is a sanguine dog, so far it really seems like an ideal nature. He likes to work and he works hard for his handler, he will do anything to please you. Easily motivated on ball and food. It has an excellent drive with a lot of energy and still relatively easy to calm him down. Basically, I practiced with him mostly positively (food and clicker), because I like it and I enjoy it. He has a good nerves to handle correction as well.

Otherwise he treats people friendly and he doesn’t care about other dogs, he is not showing aggression towards them.

He is excellent working dog and has been training for IGP. He can do police work as well. You can see some videos of tracking, obedience and protection ( indoors and outdoors) on working dogs website.

If you have any questions, please contact me on this email:

Price: $4,000

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Last seen 3 years ago

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